M.S. Khan, Chairman of M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd., has a vision to be the globally admired World-leader in quality minerals with a deep commitment to nation building. We shall be known for our scale of ambition, speed of execution and quality of operations. We have a unique history of innovation, excellence, teamwork and genuine commitment to the customers. Following our international strategy we have developed a strong operational presence in Sawa, District Chittorgarh, Rajasthan in the north-west of India, with a vast human and technological potential, continuously focused on the needs of our customers. The back- story to our success is the growth of local population, we perceived more as social entrepreneur on a mission to transform and growth our peoples. With success comes responsibility, so we take care to reinvest in protecting and developing the communities within which we operate. We live and work in the communities where our operations are based and take our responsibilities to society seriously. We believe that challenges are a part of our professional life and provide us with the opportunity to excel. It’s the people, in the organisation who make miracles happen and they shall continue to empower the organisation to make it the best in the business. The team has established benchmarks in various areas and is continuously in pursuit of excellence. Words like First, Largest, Top, etc have become its identity. The success and reputations of our group are based in the conviction and persistence that one can achieve and conquer all when one really believes in it and dares to “think Big”.

M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.