SAWA SUPREME – Glossy, Matt Digital glaze applications in larger format
Monoporosa and Monocottura


SAWA SUPREME is highly refined hydrous kaolin having very micro fine particle size with narrow distribution, good shade and easy dispersion. This is produced from selected raw kaolin using modern technology and sophisticated equipments. Process control testing conducted at various stages to ensure the quality and consistency. The product is available in noodle form and dust free bags.

M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.


Used as suspension agent and opacifier in ceramic tile glazes, composite glazes & frit due to its high dispersion power and fired whiteness.
Provides good opacity, easy dispersion, smooth & gloss finish in paper and paint.
Used as an extender pigment in ink & builder in detergent.
M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.
M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.
M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.


-2microns (min) 75 Brightness ISO (Min) 85
+400 mesh % (max) 0.02 L (min) 94
Moisture % (max) Powder 2 a (min) -0.30
Moisture % (max) Lump 10±2 b (max) 4.0


Brightness ISO (Min)@ 1160°C 92
pH 8.0 L (min) 96
Bulk density, kg/lit 0.30 a (min) -0.10
Flow point, g/100g 135 b (max) 1.80
Oil Absorption, g/100g 40 Chemical Analysis (XRF) (%)
Hegman fineness 5+ SiO2 49±2
Specific surface area, m2/g 16 Al2O3 33±2
Specific gravity 2.6 Fe2O3 0.6
Refractive index 1.6 TiO2 0.5
CaO 1.0
MgO 0.4
Na2O 0.1
K2O 1.5
LOI @ 1000⁰C 11.0

SAWA PREMIUM: Physical and Chemical characteristics matching with Sawa Supreme except the availability in lumps form.


Packing: Powder/Lumps in HDPE/Jumbo bags & as per customer requirement.