SAWA VITRO – Used in vitrified bodies


SAWA VITRO is general purpose filler with macro particle size and easy dispersive clay. It has capability to withstand longer and shorter firing ranges due to presence of fine silica content. Also imparts whiteness at high temperature appications.The product is available in lumps form and dust free bags.

M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.


Suitable for high temperature applications and provides better whiteness to vitrified bodies, double charge vitrified tiles.
Used in bodies of sanitaryware, tableware, crockery and insulators and white body ceramic tiles.
M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.
M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.
M S Sawa Clay & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.


+240mesh % (max) 3.0 Chemical Analysis (XRF) (%)
Moisture % (max) Lump 13±2 SiO2 46.34
Al2O3 35.32
Brightness ISO (Min) 78 Fe2O3 0.57
TiO2 0.44
CaO 1.79
Fired L (Min) 89±1 MgO 0.73
Temperature 1220⁰C Na2O 0.73
Cycle (Min.) 47 K2O 2.65
LOI @ 1000⁰C 12

Packing: Lumps in HDPE/Jumbo bags & as per customer requirement.